Factors That Car Accident Lawyers Consider When Accessing a Case


A car accident is a stressful and frightening event for an individual to experience, irrespective of how severe it is. A number of stressors come up when an accident occurs, such as injuries to the body and insurance claims. Victims may be stressed about recouping funds for medical bills, damaged property, lost wages, as well as any other expense owed as a result of the accident. These factors make it even more difficult for a victim to manager the hardship alone. This is where the knowledge and wisdom of experienced car accident lawyers come in handy. Below is a look at the factors a car accident lawyer will consider when determining whether or not a case is promising before advising a car accident victim to pursue a claim.

The injuries sustained, as a direct result of an automobile accident is a major factor in determining whether the victim’s claim is worth pursuing further. If the victim only got minor cuts and bruises from the car accident, it is unlikely that a lawyer will succeed in building a case for compensation. Most insurance firms will take care of small claims filed in a faster and more rapid manner. On the other hand, claims involving serious injuries and damage to property will require the expertise of a lawyer to recoup a fair settlement.

Among the top things an attorney will look into is who the insurance firms have determined to be liable for the automobile accident. There are several different types of negligence that are likely to come into play, based on the specific details and state of the accident. If it is found out that the victim played a part in causing the accident, it can significantly derail his or her chances of getting a settlement. This highlights the importance of the victim informing the attorney immediately what portion of the accident, if any, is deemed to be his or her fault.

There is no denying that the more evidence that a car accident victim is able to provide for his or her case, the better. A car accident lawyer will stand a better chance of successfully arguing for higher compensation for the victim if there is evidence to back it up. Proof such as police reports, photographs of the accident scene and of injuries, medical bills and reports, as well as witnesses all play a crucial role in building a stronger argument to win the claim.

The offender’s financial status is another factor to consider. Many accident victims file personal injury lawsuits without giving thought to the fact that the other party may not possess the funds to settle the claim even if the court orders them to pay. Before the victim spends his or her own time and money pursuing a claim, the attorney will assess the defendant’s assets as well as the insurance policy. He or she will then decide if the claim is worthwhile, and in the best interest of the victim, to pursue further.

The above are just a few of the numerous factors that an experienced car accident lawyer will put in consideration in advising a client on a potential case. Should several of the factors align positively, then the attorney should pursue the claim with confidence.

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